Eight Things I’d like to see in iOS 8

It’s Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 next week, so I thought I’d join the speculation bandwagon and propose eight things I’d like to see in iOS 8.

1. Actionable email

Trash or More?…that’s not enough. Why can’t we swipe across an email and bring a whole host of option icons like trash, flag, move, calendar, remind me later (a la Mailbox or Dispatch)? Email is boring enough as it is, and so often requires an action, so why not bring it to life a bit and make it work?


2. Less words, more icons

Who really reads the weather update on the Notification Center? That’s a heck of a lot of words sometimes. I don’t bother reading it, so I don’t know what the weather is doing. When Apple have gone to all that effort to make beautiful full-screen animations for weather, why, on Notification Center, does it just have loads of words? Let’s get icons going there. Flat, stylish, animated, beautiful icons.


3. Calendar and travel time

On my Mac, when I create and event and write in the location, if Mavericks knows the address (or if the address is in my contacts), it fills it in and works out travel time. This is good. This would be even better if it worked on iOS 8 so that I can press the address on the event and get the directions from where I am right now. That would be useful.


4. Notification Center working out travel time based on the calendar entry, not just on routine

When it tells me it’ll take 1 hour and 7 minutes to get to work today, that’s fine…if I’m going to the office. If I’ve scheduled an event or meeting in another location, why can’t Notification Center work out how long it will take to get there – not just use the routine that I’ve developed over weeks and months. Some other apps can work it out – like Any Do’s Cal or Google Now, so why can’t iOS? The phone knows where I am now, and the phone can work out where I’ve got to go, so this should be very possible.


5. A Communications Centre

Contacts feels like quite an unloved app – more of a database than something I’d like to look at and use. I feel Apple could work on some brilliant solution to make Contacts more of a Communications Centre – where we can message, facetime, call, get directions, pictures, etc. I think this solution is more people-focused and would give us users a great experience.

6. Multiple people on FaceTime

Only one person at a time on FaceTime? In this day and age? Really, Apple? Even Skype can do multiple people on a video chat now…and, although the FaceTime quality is far superior to Google or Skype’s offering, it would be good to hook up with family all over the country.

7. Notes more like Evernote

Notes is a very simple app. Too simple for modern tastes. It would be great to have a proper catch-all notebook based on iCloud and iOS where I can clip ideas, websites, pics, etc and then order them by notebook, tags, places, people, etc. That would be good. I love Evernote, but I could love an Apple version more.


8. Speed up App Store and iTunes

Is it just me, or are the App Stores and iTunes Stores really slow? Even on my super marvellous, A7 chip iPad, those apps are really slow – and it puts me off looking for new apps and content. Speed it up Apple!


One more thing… (in true Steve Jobs style)

9. Integrate reminders and calendar

Many other apps will now display calendar events and meetings alongside reminders. I think it would be good if iOS did that too. Sometime I hum and har about whether something is a event or a reminder – let’s be honest, both take up time in your day, so both could be displayed on your calendar.

That’s it. My eight ideas for iOS 8.

What would you like to see next week at WWDC?


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