Why Me?


240562…it’s the one thing we all need more of, but no money in the world can get you more than you already have. It is finite.

And you want to be spending your time running your business.

If you haven’t got the time to think about how to present a new pitch or slide deck; think about your communications philosophy and social media usage; work out how you get to where you want your business to be, then I can help.


I can be the time you haven’t got.


What makes my experiences so useful? My background has provided me with a unique insight on strategy, design and communications:

  • Drama and theatre have given me the empathy to really live and breathe the customer experience
  • Teaching developed my skill in communicating complex ideas in understandable terms
  • Management has provided the real-life experience of turning strategic thinking into successful results.


Mr Sam Grayston

Mr Sam Grayston

If you have a desire to improve your strategy, design or communications but don’t have the time – spend a minute getting in touch with me and I will help.

You can read more of my ideas in my blog, or follow me on Twitter @mrgrayston


Thank you for your time reading this page. I appreciate it.


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