Stop Pretending, and Start Innovating

I saw a really interesting position listed on the vacancies list called Head of Innovation the other day. I love the idea of innovation and I have sometimes been called ‘innovative’ and it got me thinking, if that were me, what would innovation need to thrive? Innovation doesn’t just happen, I don’t suppose. It needs certain parameters to happen. But what might those parameters be? Too restrictive and innovation is stifled. Too broad and nothing ever gets done. So what are the components of innovation? Well, here are my ideas:


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Eight Things I’d like to see in iOS 8

It’s Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 next week, so I thought I’d join the speculation bandwagon and propose eight things I’d like to see in iOS 8.

1. Actionable email

Trash or More?…that’s not enough. Why can’t we swipe across an email and bring a whole host of option icons like trash, flag, move, calendar, remind me later (a la Mailbox or Dispatch)? Email is boring enough as it is, and so often requires an action, so why not bring it to life a bit and make it work?


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Work/Life Balance isn’t about the number of hours you work…

Work/Life balance, right?

Work/Life balance, right?

Mon-Fri 9-5 sounds like a good work/life balance

I have a confession to make…I don’t work ridiculous hours. However, I did make the mistake of inferring that, because most evenings and weekends were not at work, I had a great work/life balance. I did not. It turns out that the work/life balance split is not about hours worked, but about working on work and working on life…


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A presentation is a creative entity in its own right

OK, OK, so I haven’t kept to my promise to blog every couple of weeks throughout the strategy process. Sorry. I found that the actual doing got in the way of reflecting through this blog.

Anyway, having completed a lot of the strategy work, I needed to present it to lots of different people, so today’s blog is about presentations.

The most important mindset for presentation, I believe, is to think of your presentation as a creative entity in its own right. 

A presentation is a creative entity in its own right

It’s so important, I’ve said it twice.

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