Eight Things I’d like to see in iOS 8

It’s Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 next week, so I thought I’d join the speculation bandwagon and propose eight things I’d like to see in iOS 8.

1. Actionable email

Trash or More?…that’s not enough. Why can’t we swipe across an email and bring a whole host of option icons like trash, flag, move, calendar, remind me later (a la Mailbox or Dispatch)? Email is boring enough as it is, and so often requires an action, so why not bring it to life a bit and make it work?


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A Presentation Blast from the Past

What Can Yahoo! Teach Us About Presentee-ism?

There has been a very positive shift in working culture over the past few years that has encouraged employees to work from home more often – living the flexible working mantra, and understanding that being in a physical office (or not) does not necessarily mean that you are at work (or not!). I take advantage of this enlightened approach and work from home often: the technology allows me to access everything exactly the same as in the physical office, and I am judged not on my attendance in the office, but what I achieve in my role. Great…I thought.


I was a big fan of this approach. Recently, however, I’ve started to consider (or notice) if presenteeism (being at the office all the time) can in fact lead to better results. And the thing that made me consider this is Yahoo!

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The joker and the Devil’s advocate…introducing creativity and challenge to meetings

A while ago, I did some work with my team thinking about what makes a team great, what kind of things we would see and hear and start to prioritise which aspects we wanted to work most on. We chose two things in particular:

  1. Creativity and innovation
  2. Constructively and safely challenge in meetings

I went away and had a think about some ideas that might help facilitate these aspects during meetings. I came up with an idea I’m going to share here…

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A presentation is a creative entity in its own right

OK, OK, so I haven’t kept to my promise to blog every couple of weeks throughout the strategy process. Sorry. I found that the actual doing got in the way of reflecting through this blog.

Anyway, having completed a lot of the strategy work, I needed to present it to lots of different people, so today’s blog is about presentations.

The most important mindset for presentation, I believe, is to think of your presentation as a creative entity in its own right. 

A presentation is a creative entity in its own right

It’s so important, I’ve said it twice.

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